Welcome JIm Shobe, HHC Scouts 1960-1963

1-37 Armor Alumni Welcome Jim Shobe!!!! Jim served in the HHC Scout Platoon 1960-1963 in Crailsheim, Germany. Although he is not on facebook, he is connected through the website. He resides in West Virginia today!!

1-37 Armor Alumni… Because it really was the best job you ever had. www.abramsstandards.com

Welcome Richard Hand 2015 – Present!

1-37 Armor Alumni Welcome Richard Hand! Richard serves in C Company 1-37 Armor and currently serves as the Battalion Family Readiness Liaison. He resides in Texas and he is the 200th member who serves or has served at Fort Bliss 2008-Present.

1-37 Armor Alumni… Because it really was the best job you ever had. www.abramsstandards.com

WARNO Published to first Ever Regimental Reunion 27-30 Sep 2017 Nashville

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1.  SITUATION:  All of 37th Armor Regiment’s Battalion Alumni Organizations 
are increasing in strength and require first ever scheduled Regimental 
Recall formation to validate readiness for Octoberfest and future 
Regimental Operations. 
          A. Enemy Forces:  Expect concentrations of tourists who are 
attracted to Nashville neon ‐‐ identify these forces by unworn cowboy 
boots and excessive Miller Lite.  Ground circulation around Nashville can be 
treacherous due to Interstate construction and snowbirds enroute to the 
Gulf Coast.  BOLO for a Regimental grog bowl. 
          B. Friendly Forces Planning Team: 
Forrest Burke:   Delta & HHC ‘88‐91 
Devrin Kupiers:   Delta ‘90‐92 
Scott Bicksler:   HHC S3 ‘81‐84 
Josh Revak:   HHC, Bravo & Charlie, ‘02‐07  
Kevin Seidl:   Bravo & HHC ‘87‐94 
2. MISSION:  37th Armor Regiment (Alumni) conducts Regimental Recall formation in Nashville, Tennessee NLT 27‐30 
September 2018 to exploit Octoberfest and reconnect with fellow alumni. 
3. EXECUTION:  Regimental Members self‐deploy to a designated Regimental Rally Point and conduct Regimental 
Recall on the following schedule: 
Thursday 27 SEP 2018:    Deployment Day   
Registration link‐up in Music Valley, Nashville, TN. 
Friday 28 SEP:      Regimental Recall  
Saturday 29 SEP:    Offensive Operations 
Sunday 30 SEP:      Redeployment  
Nearest Commercial Airfield:  Nashville International Airport (BNA)  https://www.flynashville.com/
Lodging details TBP NLT 15 NOV 17   
Hotel shuttles will be available 
Rental cars usually available due to tourism in Nashville 
Registrations will be made online thru the Alumni web‐site once details & pricing are confirmed  

Courage Conquers!

19 OCT 2017:    WARNO published 
15 NOV 2017:    Lodging details published 
15 JAN 2018:    OPORD to be published 
o/a 1 JUL 2018:     Host Hotel Registration Deadline 
o/a 15 AUG 2018:    Registration Deadline 
27‐30 SEP 2018:     REGIMENTAL RECALL 
15 OCT 2018:     Publish Lessons Learned and AAR