Honorary Leadership

Honorary Colonel
of the Regiment
BG (R) Jim Noles 1982-1984

of the Regiment
CSM (R ) Joe Hill

Alumni Coordinators

37th Armored Regiment Alumni Coordinator
Kevin Seidl
HHC 1987-1994

1-37 Armor
Devrin Kuipers
D Company 1990-1992

2-37 Armor
Cecil “JB” Coleman
HHC S-2 2000-2002

3-37 Armor
Tarol Maxwell
C Company 1985-1988

4-37 Armor
Michael Miller
HHC  1989-1993

Matt Kelley
A Co, HHC 1998-2001

Mission Statement:

To preserve unit history & enable alumni networking opportunities by coordinating annual reunions and managing global web presence for the organization.

Fun Annual Reunions

We host annual events with a mix of unit history, shared meals and special events in the chosen host city.

Networking Opportunities

Reconnect with friends, mentors, brother’s in arms.

The History of the 37th Armor

See Photo’s and Multi-media about 37th Armor and Battalions.

Alumni Global Presence

See, experience and connect with a wide range and breadth of alumni across the globe.