Courage Conquers!

For All Veterans who ever served in the 37th Tank Battalion or any of the 37th Armor Battalions: 1-37 Armor, 2-37 Armor, 3-37 Armor and 4-37 Armor.  From Germany to Fort Riley… we made the difference. Courage Conquers!

2024 Operation Home Coming II WARNO


All 37th Armored Regiment Alumni are alerted to begin planning and preparation for maximum participation in OPERATION HOMECOMING II, the 28th Annual Reunion of regimental alumni. Reconnaissance efforts confirm that El Paso Texas provides an exceptional location for reunion activities.


37th Armor Alumni deploy and conduct Operation Homecoming II vicinity El Paso, TX 27-30 June 2024 to reconnect, reorganize, and reunite with the fellow Alumni and Soldiers of the Regiment.

Concept of the Operation:

A. Planning and coordination is ongoing. Anticipated events and activities outlined below:

  • 27 Jun 24 – Deployment to Fort Bliss and El Paso/Reception
  • 28 Jun 24 – Organizational/Field Day with current active Battalions on Fort Bliss
  • 29 Jun 24 – Wiseman Meeting, Local Area Excursions
  • 30 Jun 24 – Re-deploy to home station

B. OPORD to be published NLT 15 March, 2024.

C. Registration opens 15 March 2024. Registration closes on 24 May 2024.

Service Support:

A. Assembly Area Location: The Wyndham El Paso Airport Hotel. 2027 Airway Boulevard, El Paso, TX, 79925

B. Includes complimentary breakfast

C. Class 1 and Class 6 available onsite

Command and Signal:

Updates and reunion information will be transmitted on the 37th Armored Regiment Alumni Website and Alumni Social Media platforms.

Hotel Reservation link: TBP

*Please reserve your room ASAP due to limited supply!!

37th Armor Monument

Join us in leaving a Legacy for the 37th Regiment at the Patton Park Memorial Trail.

Learn More – Donate a Brick- Click Here

Regimental Classroom Fundraising Campaign

Alumni Mentorship Program

Establish the 37th Alumni Mentorship Program to provide ongoing transition and career support to all 37th Armor veterans during transition and throughout all phases of their civilian careers.

Connect and leverage the broad experience, skills and professional networks of the 37th Armor alumni to maximize the career opportunities for 37th Armor veterans. Success is an active alumni network with alumni and fundraising resources that enable 37th Armor veterans to fully utilize their skills and abilities in the civilian workforce.

Concept of the Operation:
37th Alumni Mentorship Program Organizing Framework: The 37th Alumni organizes to provide specialized support to veterans in the following general categories:

  • Chalk 1 Junior Enlisted and Officers
  • Chalk 2 Mid-level NCOs and Officers
  • Chalk 3 Retired NCOs and Officers

If you are about to transition from the military, the very first thing you should do is create a LinkedIn profile and request to join the 37th Armored Alumni Association group on LinkedIn.