500th Bandit Joins the 1-37 Armor Alumni!!!!

1-37 Armor Alumni Welcome Terry Wilson!!! Terry served in HHC Maintenance and BMT 2005-2007 in Friedberg, Germany. Congratulations to Terry as he is the 500th Bandit From Friedberg to join the Alumni!!! He resides in Missouri today.

1-37 Armor Alumni… Because it really was the best job you ever had!! www.abramsstandards.com

1-37 Armor Alumni Welcome Jamey Royse and Larry Penkwitz

– Welcome Jamey Royse. Jamey served in HHC S3, S4 and Support Platoon 1992-1995 in Vilseck, Germany. He resides in Texas today.

– Welcome Larry Penkwitz. Larry served in HHC Commo 1994 through the 4-67 Armor transition to 1-37 Armor until 1998. He resides in Wisconsin today.

1-37 Armor Alumni… Because it really was the best job you ever had. www.abramsstandards.com

The Top 10 Reasons to Join Our 1-37 Armor Alumni!

1) You served with this fabled unit and your life was shaped by Abrams’ Standards!

2) The Alumni shall become a 501(C) in 2017 and in 2018 feature the Alumni Mentorship Program (AMP) with the future mission to enable and empower transitioning Alumni when they leave the military!

3) Every Chapter of our legendary battalion stands with you: World War II; Fort Hood, Texas; Crailsheim, Ansbach, Katterbach, Vilseck, & Friedberg, Germany; and Fort Bliss, Texas!

4) The Alumni has nearly 1,450 1-37 Armor Veterans – comrades you served with and fought for!

5) The 151 Iron Men and 22 Wise Men provide overwatch! The Iron Men served in our unit during the earlier years (1942-1979) and built the standards we inherited! The Wise Men are Alumni Members who have helped build the Alumni through dedication and commitment and lead the Alumni today! Both groups support our past, present and future!

6) Nearly 2000 photos that have been assembled on line into the largest 1-37 Armor photo collection ever!

7) Annual Reunions to stay in touch with crew and team members, unit leadership, and battalion veterans from other eras. The next reunion is September 2018 in Nashville, TN Armor!!!

8) Monthly newsletters with updates on reunions, battalion history, and the alumni.

9) A virtual network that features the triad of communication – Facebook, Linkedin, and our customized website.

10) We stand with today’s 1-37 Armor in El Paso at Fort Bliss with more than 60 current battalion soldiers!

1-37 Armor Alumni… Because it really was the best job you ever had! www.abramsstandards.com