CSM (R) David Lady To Be Laid To Rest

37th Armor Alumni Members:

Our brother CSM David Lady will be laid to rest at 10:00 am on the 24th of September 2019 at the main chapel at Fort Meyer, VA. That is the Tuesday of the same week as the 37th Regimental Reunion in Washington, DC. The Alumni would like to invite and encourage anyone who is in the metro DC area to make it if you can, even if you are not able to attend the Reunion.
Lady served in HHC and C Company 1982-1988. He later served as USAEUR CSM.

At the request of family, CSM® Lady designated the following charities for donations:

1. Landstuhl Fisher House

Send donations to address below, no online donations possible right now:
Unit: 33100
Attn: Sarafina Buchanan
APO AE 09180
Official Business

2. St Jude’s Children’s Cancer Research Hospital

Donate online at:

We encourage your full participation.

The 37th Armor Alumni

2019 D.C. September Regimental Reunion SITREP:

D-60 Until Registration Closes

Total Headcount Targeted: 200

Registered so far: 31

Fill Rate: 15.5%

Total Alumni Members Targeted to attend: 125

Alumni Registered so far: 23

Fill Rate: 18.4%

Get off the “Maybe”! Get on the Plane!

Don’t miss out in 2019 and join us as we Honor our FALLEN.

37th Armor Alumni… Because it really was the best job you ever had!!

WARNO 2019 Annual Reunion Washington D.C.


1. Situation: Honorary Col and Honorary CSM of the 37th Armor Regiment Association require your attendance to participate in ceremonial operations and camaraderie.

2. Mission: 37th Armor Regiment (Alumni) conduct Regimental Recall II, D.C. Dedication – NLT 26-29 September 2019 Vicinity Washington D.C. to participate in a wreath laying, plaque dedication, reconnect with battle buddies and reminisce.

3. General Instructions: Reactivation Leader in Charge: sbicksle@aerotek.com (Scott Bicksler, NBC, Katterbach ’82-’85)

4. Special Instructions: More specific details to follow.

WARNO 2-37 Armor Re-Activation Ceremony


1. Situation: Department of the Army is to re-activate 2nd Battalion, 37th Armor in 2019
2. Mission: 2-37 Armor Alumni conduct advanced link-up activities VIC Fort Bliss NLT June 2019 to welcome new members of the Battalion and celebrate the historic unit’s return.
3. General Instruction:
a. Re-activation Leader in Charge: mallen52@att.net . (Marshall Allen, Bn Maint, Erlangen ’77-’81)
b. Advance Link Up will allow for introduction of Alumni Members that served in our great Battalion 1941 – Present, and beyond.
4. Special Instructions:
a. Ceremony date TBA.
b. Link Up Reception and Billeting will be conducted at Wyndham El Paso Airport, 2027 Airway Blvd, El Paso, TX 79925. Group Rates TBA
b. Alumni members with strong potential for attendance should send notification, ASAP, to mallen52@att.net.

D-14 Until WARNOs to be published:

– D-14 Until WARNO for the 2-37 Armor Re-activation ceremony in El Paso, Texas (June 2019) is published. (POC is Marshall Allen 77-81)

– D-14 until WARNO for the 37th Armor Alumni Reunion in Washington D.C. (Sep 2019) is published. (POC is Scott Bicksler, 81-84)

WARNOs to be published by Team Leaders via Facebook, Linkedin, 37th Armor Website and Alumni Newsletter.

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