AMP Registration Instructions

Thanks for your interest in joining the Alumni’s professional network. If you are starting your transition out of the military, or on to another opportunity in the commercial sector, this is where you can activate the network of your brothers-in-arm to help you reach your goal.

If you want to be a volunteer, thank you for giving back in one of the most important ways you can to your brothers. The network is only as strong as it’s volunteers and this service couldn’t be offered without you.

In either case, you need to complete the registration as follows below. For volunteers, there is an additional set of questions at the bottom of the form that we need to assign you to the tasks that you prefer.

Step One

There are two ways to access the Registration page. The first is from the Menu bar at the top of each page. On the Mentorship menu item you will see Register at the bottom. Once you are logged in, you will not see this item, nor need it.

The other location is on the Alumni Mentorship Program (AMP) landing page. At the bottom you will see a button labeled Register for Program that will take you there.

Step Two

Once you get to the registration page, you’ll be required to fill in all the fields except for the LinkedIn profile link as you may not have one yet. However, this is a critical part of activating the network and you will want to include it in your profile later if you don’t have one now.

The username will be used to identify you in most of the site and used to send messages to. So keep that in mind as you decide on a user name. You’ll be able to log in the site with either your Username or Email Address.

The last part of signing up is to tell us what Industries your interested in pursuing, or if you are a volunteer which ones you have experience with and could consult other members. Check all that apply.

Once you’ve filled in all your information, make sure to “Complete Sign Up”. That’s it! You will receive an email to the address that you provided asking you to validate your email. If you don’t see it after a couple minutes, please check your spam folder. You are on the path to getting help tackling the challenge ahead of you. They best part is, you won’t be alone.

Step Three (Volunteers Only)

However, if you are a volunteer, you will see more questions that need to be answered in order to assign you to tasks you prefer. The most important question we need you to answer is that you are a volunteer and not someone needing support in transition. Please make sure to click the Yes option. Then let us know what level of members you feel comfortable and able to work with. Additionally, what kind of support would you like to be involved with? If you don’t like writing resumes, well then you don’t have to check that block 🙂

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If you selected Other Focus, please tell us what you’d like to offer. We know there are so many creative ways to support those going through a job or career change and might want to include your ideas into the program. Then let us know if you’d like to be a lead Point of Contact (POC) for any of your interests.

At this point you will want to “Complete Sign Up”. You will receive an email to the address that you provided asking you to validate your email. If you don’t see it after a couple minutes, please check your spam folder.

That’s it. We have what we need in order to get you plugged into the AMP volunteers! Be on the look out for communications from the coordinator. Thanks again for offering your time and energy toward this effort.